The South West's agricultural and environmental earthworks and earthmoving specialists.

Available for contract work - either operated or self-drive.

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Bulk excavation excavators at a slurry pit construction site in Devon

The construction of a tunnel at a large earthmoving job on the South West coast

We own a comprehensive range of modern machinery and attachments that are available for hire when not being utilised on contract work. We use our extensive workshop to service and maintain all our equipment and to match machines with specific attachments as required. This enables us to undertake a multitude of projects for individual clients, civil engineering companies, local authorities and conservation organisations.

As we often work in environmentally sensitive areas we have taken steps to safeguard the environment by using biodegradable hydraulic oil in our excavators. In the unlikely event of an oil spill this biodegradable oil is degraded by naturally occurring bacteria, thus protecting land and water courses from pollution.

By offering a variety of specialist services and working closely with our clients and the environment we can tailor a package that meets all requirements and exceeds expectations.

Slurry Lagoon Creation

Being based in the South West, agricultural services play a big part in what we do - the construction of earth banked slurry lagoons being one of them.

J W Baron Earthworks

Based in the South Hams in South Devon, J.W. Baron Earthworks have been providing agricultural and environmental earthworks and earthmoving throughout the South West since 1997.

With our experienced operators we aim to provide a high quality service at competitive rates.

Dredging rivers in Devon and Cornwall

Our Services

Bulk excavations
Cut & fill operations
Site enabling
Plant hire
Forestry access tracks created
Scrub clearance
Ditch clearing
Water pipe installation
Reservoir construction
Ponds & lakes restored
Fishing lakes excavated
Flood alleviation earthworks
River bank repairs
Land drainage
Coastal and Sea Defences
Rock Armour
Erosion control
Earth banked slurry lagoons
Farm roads constructed

J W Baron Excavators and Dump Trucks

Plant List

360º tracked excavators
360º long reach excavators
30 ton articulated dump trucks
LGP dozers with laser control
Towed vibrating rollers
Rotating tracked dumpers
Stone carts
Tractors 40hp to 270hp
Dump trailers
Caterpillar D6 & towed scraper box
Caterpillar D8 & towed scraper box

Forest and shrub clearance in Devon Forests


Rotating selector grabs
Rotating clamshell buckets
Hydraulic breakers
Flails / mulchers
Tree shears
Tilting grading buckets
Pile Drivers
Compactor plates
Land Rakes
Ripper tooth